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Success with Corefact in All Stages of Your Real Estate Career

The Corefact combination of direct mail with online technology works for real estate agents at any phase in their career. Where do you fit?

Easy Business Planning for Real Estate Agents

Do not confuse a business plan with a goal. Any real estate agent can set a goal, but only top producers and true real estate professionals create and use a good real estate business plan. […]

30 Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

We came up a list of marketing activities a real estate agent can use in their 360-degree marketing campaign. Not saying that you should do all of these, it’s more of a master list that […]

3 Useful Tips For Your ListAssist Website

Between 2009 and 2013, real estate related Google searches went up by 253%. More and more people are turning to the web instead of the old method of having an agent show properties. ListAssist launched […]

8 Tips to Help You Break Through the Noise

The amount of noise in the marketplace has increased drastically. Consequently, marketing messages today must be razor sharp to cut through the noise and be compelling enough to immediately hook prospective customers. Here are eight […]

6 Things You Should Do Once You Get Your Real Estate License

Look at you with your shiny new real estate license and ready to start selling homes left and right. Hold on, while the information you’ve learned for the  real estate exam might be useful, it is […]

7 Unforgettable Closing Gifts

Pop the champagne! The exhausting weekends of open houses,  numerous negotiations, and lots of paperwork has finally led to this moment. The house is sold! Celebrate this memorable moment by giving your seller a little something […]