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The Direct Mail Differentiator

With emails, apps, notifications, and more taking over the marketing scene, there is a common misconception that direct mail is a dying form of marketing. If you are part of the 70-80 percent of consumers […]

Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Mailing

Searching for real estate marketing ideas and content for mailers to send to your past and potential clients? Here’s a list of themes and ideas that can have you consistently mailing to your farm, building […]

Get Better Results with Your Just Sold Campaign

Use Testimonials It is very easy to take a photograph with your clients when you’ve just sold their home. Take the picture in front of the property sign and add it to your postcard along […]

7 Unforgettable Closing Gifts

Pop the champagne! The exhausting weekends of open houses,  numerous negotiations, and lots of paperwork has finally led to this moment. The house is sold! Celebrate this memorable moment by giving your seller a little something […]

Five Tips to Maximize Your Farming

Frequency and Consistency This is a big one. Even if you mess up everything below, if you consistently drip on your farm (with good content), you will eventually see activity. It’s like exercise and weight […]

360-Degree Marketing You Can Measure

These days there are lots of ways to integrate your online with your offline campaign. With true coordination between online and offline elements, you are able to open new universes of potential customers with greater efficiencies.

Big Data in the Real Estate World

Big data is a perennial and oft-overused term. What is big data anyway? Big data is a large or diverse set of information that’s too massive to use in its current state.