Direct Mail in a Digital World

With a mobile phone in every pocket and more computers than people in many homes, it’s no wonder so many real estate professionals turn to online marketing. But that doesn’t mean we should skip the basics!  The following tips can help ensure your direct mailing is an effective marketing tool in a digital world:


 Just like any marketing campaign, directing mailing is most efficient when given a concrete goal. That goal can be to raise awareness of you and your brand, increase consumer trust, or bring in more leads. In the digital age, a viable goal is to bring more people to your website, which is able to hold more information and helpful links than a single piece of direct mail ever could.


 The easier it is for a client to use your direct mailing, the more effective it’s likely to be. Start with the address of your website. It should be something that’s simple to type and easy to remember. If you have an older, more complex web address, you can choose an easier one to put on your direct mailings, then have that simpler one direct back to your actual page.

Show Results

 Direct mailings are opportunities to introduce yourself to your leads, but the introduction should be fairly specific. Most leads would rather see specific results than hear what seem to be irrelevant facts. The number of homes you’ve closed may be an impressive statistic, but it’s often too abstract to wow clients. Instead, give examples for how to stage a home or techniques you’ve used to increase the market value of a home.

Stand Out

 Sadly, many people are accustomed to immediately throwing away any mail that is neither a bill nor a letter from a friend. The way to stay out of the trash pile is to be eye catching and appealing. Something as simple as using a larger postcard can have dramatic results. Add great graphics and either a compelling offer or information relevant to your recipients, and you’re in business.

Direct mail can stand out and direct leads to your website and eventually your business. Integrating your online and direct mailing strategies will be more effective than working through either strategy independently. With Corefact’s average capture rates between 2-4% on your first mailings and as high as 15% cumulative over a 12 month period, you will have actionable leads to follow up with.  And with Corefact’s tracking, you’ll be able to actually understand the return on investment you are generating from your direct mailings.

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